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    "I Really Got You Wrong, Didn't I," Encyclopedia of Things, edited by Elizabeth Schmolarz and Michelle Levy, Spectre Books, (Leipzig, Germany), September 2021.

    "An Impossibility," selected vignettes for "corporeal art experiment," Famous Chimps, June 2020.

    "Revisiting the Text(s)," abridged version originally slated for ARTSLANT, unpublished, November 2017.


    "Redirect," panel discussion on technology and changing sociopolitical landscapes, with Lei Han, Joyce Lee, Ben Duvall, and Victoria Bradbury, RAMP, Asheville, NC, Jan 2020.

    "Twelve Labors: #3," art + text performances, curated by Rachel Hillery, Hercules Art Center, Jan. 2020

    "Invitational #1," Williamsburg Brooklyn Public Library, poetry readings, curated by Diane Ludin, Nov. 19, 2019

    "Mimeo Microphone," St. Mark's Poetry Project, poetry readings, curated, Nov. 4, 2019

    "Memory, Images, Perception, & Queerness," panel discussion, with Osman Can Yerebekan and Cansu Korkmaz, SOHO20 +/- Project Space, Brooklyn, NY, Apr. 6.

    "In Absentia, in Effigy," panel discussion on politics, images, perception, with Shahrzad Changalvaee, Janna Dyk, Clara Darrason, and Jennifer Houdrouge, about Changalvaee's exhibition, "In Absentia, in Effigy," The Chimney, February 17, 2019.

    "Source Material," Art Seed, Marble House Project, art + text performance and curatorial talk, May 2017

    "Artists investigate global politics via family histories,” talk + panel discussion, for "out of story: poetry, politics, and practice," 205 Hudson Gallery, April 2017

    "Family Archives, Travel, Politics," talk with Adam Golfer, Booklyn Artist Alliance, September 2016

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