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    June 17, 2012
    New York, NY

    OPEN CAGE : NEW YORK - a one hundred minute performative work honoring John Cage in 2012, the centennial of his birth. In 1992, OPEN CAGE: BRATISLAVA was created and directed by artist Morgan O'Hara as a celebration of John Cage's 80th birthday, and performed in the Slovak Philharmony Hall in Bratislava. The original 80 minute score (which was to include John Cage, who unexpectedly passed away prior to its completion) has now been expanded to encompass details of Cage's music, instructions, texts, and stories for the performance in New York in 2012. On Sunday, the 17th of June, from 7:30PM-9:10PM O'Hara presents the work once more at Eyebeam in conjunction with the Chelsea Music Festival.

    Simultaneous activities will take place in and around an installation of cages with their doors open. Actions will be performed by members of the New York art, poetry, and music communities, Cage enthusiasts, musicians participating in the Chelsea Music Festival, and interested audience members, under the direction of O'Hara. The one hundred minute performative work will involve recorded music and music performed live, texts from Cage's writings, stories written by Cage collected in his books, objects and instruments for which he composed music, a complete chronology of his works read aloud by a musicologist, texts describing his methodology with chance operations, and his studies of Zen Buddhism. 

    Morgan O'Hara, Artist and OPEN CAGE: NEW YORK 
    Janna Dyk, Chelsea Music Festival, Collaborative Visual Arts Curator 
    Ken David Masur and Melinda Lee Masur, Chelsea Music Festival Artistic Directors